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Historic Photos | Day in the Life...

Spring Branch Volunteer Fire Department
Circa 1930
Campbell Road

Fire Trucks - Spring Branch Volunteer Fire Dept
Circa 1940
Campbell Road

At the old Yupon Hotel
Circa 1940
(current location of Las Alamedas Restaurant)

The Newly Commissioned Spring Branch Fire Department
(Predecessor to the Village Fire Department)
Circa 1970
901 Corbindale

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002b 002c


003 003b

003c 004


A Day in the Life of a Village Firefighter...

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There are 3 shifts of fire firefighters at the Village Fire Department ("A", "B" and "C"), each shift is made up of 13 personnel. A shift has 12 firefighters and one dispatcher. Out of the 12 firefighters a minimum of 10 firefighters are assigned to emergency response. The other 2 rotating shift members are off from duty that day. 

Each shift of firefighters at the Village Fire Department works a 24 hour shift, a shift is considered "On 24, off 24" which starts at 7:00 AM every morning.  Every shift of firefighters will work three consecutive shifts and then have 4 days off. For example; work Monday (24 hours), off Tuesday, work Wednesday (24 hours), off Thursday, work Friday (24 hours), off Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Then the shift starts a new 3 day shift schedule on Wednesday, also known as a "Tour of Duty.". 

Besides being on-call 24 hours a day to aid in any emergency, your firefighters spend a typical day as follows:

1. Roll call at 7:00 AM
Engine 1

2. Equipment Check
    a. Test all Engines
    b. Test all Lights 
    c. Test all Sirens
    d. Test all Radios
    e. Test all Firefighting and EMS Equipment

3. "Muster"  = Meeting of the Shift
   a. Discuss the schedule for the shift
   b. Plan any repairs or maintenance
   c. Assign special projects
   d. Schedule training
   e. Decide the menu for the shift

4. Basic Station Duties (Carried out by the Pipe and Ladder Firefighters)
   a. Clean and Mop Kitchen
   b. Clean and Mop Bathrooms
   c. Clean and Mop Fire Station
   d. Wash Fire Trucks


5. Eat Breakfast (between 9:00 and 10:00)

washing E-1

6. Repair & Maintenance of Vehicles and Equipment
   a. Change Oil and Air Filters, Replace Lights, Plus  Any Other Necessary Maintenance

7. Fire Code Inspections
   a. Inspect Local Area Businesses and Public Buildings for Fire Code Violations

8. Special Projects
    Examples:  Visit Local Schools, CPR and Fire Safety Training, Birthday Party Tours, Home Safety Analyses, etc.

9. Proactive Business Visits
   a. Visit Local Area Businesses to Plan Firefighting Strategies through use of Floor Plans, Contact Information, Material Content, etc.

10. Training and Education
    a. Continuing Education for Fire Training and EMS

11. Fire Hydrant Testing
   a. Test Pressure
   b. Take Off All Caps and Grease

Weight Room
12. Physical Training
   a. Weightlifting
  b. Running (at the track at Spring Branch Middle School which backs up to the Fire Station)

Day Room
13. Firefighters' Personal Time (about 4:30 to 9:00)
   TV may be turned on, Firefighters May Work on Personal Projects, Read Books, etc.

14. Eat Dinner (about 5:00 - No Lunch is Served During the Day)

15. Station Clean-Up and Lockdown (9:00 p.m.)
   a. Garage Doors are Closed and Locked
   b. Kitchen and Break Room Areas are Cleaned and Organized
   c. Firefighters Turn In for the Night

16. Dispatch Provides the Wake Up Call for the Start of a New Day (6:30 a.m. the Following Morning